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Counting down to #Brexit - do you feel heard? 
Have your say by adding your voice to a major new public artwork: 
+44… Leave a Message for Europe
The artist invites you to become part of a permanent archive of public opinion at this pivotal moment in history. Everyone is welcome and we want you to share what you feel. However, this project is about free speech, not hate speech. 
During this period the artist will install a sculpture, inspired by a 90s phone box, on Dungeness beach. 
Located at UK’s most south-easterly point, the inactive phone box acts as a beacon. It is a nostalgic call to action – a reminder of the way we once communicated - with the nuance of the voice. 
Exposed to the elements, the sculpture also represents the UK, facing new challenges and an uncertain future. Visit the sculpture in person or view it streamed live here, 24-7, as it is altered daily by its environment - and as we count down to B-day. 
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Name Age City Message
Federico Ferrari 36
yeah we are going to leave
Jay Teacher 42
I love you so much you're so sad to leave you are
Albert 29
Anon. 1
big Love
Suzanne Watts
yuri goncalves 42
yuri goncalves 42
Anon. 2
what will be the same
Anon. 3
Anon. 4
how do you press that now
Anon. 5
Damian Corcoran 54
Anon. 6
hasta la vista baby
Kevin Jackson 28
yeah just want to say that did you know that Sam Pellegrino actually contains the same amount of sugar as a can of coke and troubling
Gilbert and George
Michael Sweeney 59
Hayden Kays
Cassie Beadle 32
Mike Pickering
Emma Breschi
Heath Vanrenen 71
Britain needs to leave Europe on the 29th of March and no deal is better than anything else
John Bell 17
I think it's bullshit I want to move around Europe freely like everyone else and I can he do that anymore
David Vanrenen 75
I think I'm sure do the red eye
David Vanrenen 75
I think Britain should leave your for many many reasons
Jeremy Sheppard 74
hello Sue German shepherd corner from Cambridge on the evening of the 4th of March 2019
Helen Morgan
Josie Peters 18
Sarah Fisher 22
about brexit leaving the European Union St John of the life you say it was to leave the EU so we went out of things we trade with would be cut down such as that mean we won't have any trees not in the European in Europe doesn't it mean it would be hard to like go to like Spain and stuff should be harder to go on holiday yeah I think so but I love my holiday
Anon. 7
it is me and he said you trying it out but I thought I just play some Justin excell decision a move on but really struggling as I know you said mutual just literally in two minds about it later if you have a week later in life in different though just as a fine mess since I feel like I've made a huge mistake you know when we first got together we both in prefab places but we got through it together you know who am I open my eyes to like so much great stuff late because food and Evelyn trifles on my own and they pass through. I've made me like a more interesting version myself but I got complacent I took you for granted and started focusing on your floors of soda to make things better I hate the we just had a very special I'm sorry I didn't realise until it's too late I'm sorry my mum so so stupid when you're asking for me to stay with you please give me another chance let's talk please like me again
Clifford Harris
hello Europe I'd like to say that I represent quite a large percentage of people that don't feel like we are getting our country back we feel like we are losing our freedom
Sabrina Garnier 27
either way I'm sorry you left
Alex Hamilton
Brex-Ace, Brace Space its a bit like invading space ace is a fantasy in case you saw them vote for the side of a bus austerity made it your only ace Walking out you leave-you and those around you-in a worse place Don’t walk out Don’t walk out Don’t walk out Don’t walk out Don’t walk out
I have no idea
Anon. 8
please don't leave we need you with us we Love You bye, Stamatis
Ruth Fox 37
hiya I think you're going to be sorely missed in more ways than we imagine right now but yeah maybe I don't we will be back one day but he knows take care bye
Louise Fitzjohn
Europe we're sorry we hang our head in shame and we only hope that you will hold a hand as we get through this difficult time is David Bowie stage for here I am sitting in a tin can far above the world planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do
Tom Maryniak 30
Alix Janta 37
Sienna Canning Campbell 1
Angela Rossi 41
oh right so we don't want to leave alright ok.
Nina Fowler
Robert Maguire 64
Patricia Tierney
I do not want to go. I will work hard to get us back into Europe. Some people clearly do not know what they are about to lose.
Tim Noble 53
Hello this is Tim Noble this a beautiful idea of Joe Sweeney's a collection of human voices a mass archive of conscious humans its like recording a moment i time yet here i am sort of confused about what to say, it appears on mass you feel to unsure to commit your opinion too it s easy when your down the pub or sending a text message. But an actual voice to leave your voice its too terrifying it seems. Why isn't it taking off this idea hundreds of thousands of us should be joining in, build this momentum it should be played out of speakers and rocks around this septic isle so what are the real facts they change and distort. Maybe this is how we got into this fucking mess in the first place? None of us knew what we were signing up for and were none the wiser. If we leave the European Union we'll have to deal with America so expect jaffa oranges... Artists have always thrived in times of adversity. Hold on tight, I think ill go for a midnight swim
harriet verney 25
(Goats wailing and laughter in the background)
Angry Dan 35
Frenchman says soft cheese is better but I say MON DIEU! No whatever you stay over there with your camembert and keep your hands off my Cheddar
Luisa Couyet 26
Jason Shulman
Anon. 9
hey you still up just calling to see if you're around then I thought maybe I could come round it's been awhile Amy call me back bye
byron pritchard
hello Europe I'm very sad to think that we in England and the UK will be several are Economic and political and I personally would like to reassure you there are plenty of people here who feel very much part of and Allied to the virtues we both share you will always have at least one person from this great nation by your side all my gratitude and support Byron from London
byron pritchard
Part of Me feels like the government in this country know something and they're jumping ship before something happens I hope that's not the case goodbye Europe
Fred Clark 28
Brexit blink and you'll miss it
Anon. 10
hello people my name is Hans out on the Czech Republic and I moved to England 18 years ago which was my dream I always wanted to move to the island non-european Ireland something very extra no decision yet as I'm living on this extractor for a little things to do silent so look forward to wave across the water to France and colleges England or not you anymore even though I still follow you I'm in the EU
David Benson 57
Hello this is David here I’m calling to say that … I don’t know which way to go on Brexit I talk to someone who’s pro leaving and I believe them then I speak to someone who’s anti leaving and I think well sounds right too. So it all leads me to think of the old Tommy Cooper joke where he… about the man who walks into a pub and orders a pint of beer and drinks it down and turns to the right and says ‘ you’re a bunch of fools’ and turns to left and says ‘you’re a bunch of idiots’ and walksout. And the next night he does the same thing, orders a pint of beer drinks it down turns to the right and says ‘ you’re a bunch of fools’ and turns to left and says ‘you’re a bunch of idiots’ and walks out. And then the next night he walks in again and does the same thing and a man at the bar says ‘I’m not havin’ that, I’m gonna tell ‘im’ and the man drinks his pint down and says ‘ you’re a bunch of fools…You’re a bunch of idiots’ and the man says ‘I’m not an idiot’ and so he says ‘get over her with the fools then’…That very unfunny joke by the way I told, it was very unfunny does remind me of this situation, I don’t know who the fools and who the idiots are so I’m gonna wait for the best thing to happen, I believe it’s all gonna work out miraculously well one way or another because that’s human nature. And I would only say one more thing that I think people need to make the distinction between the people of Europe who we all love and bureaucracy of Europe who maybe we’re not so sure about and then will be much clearer. Thank you very much and goodnight and good luck!
Christabel Macgreevy 28
are you allowed to say that im getting an Irish passport so it's fine how I'll see you soon as I read your messages
Sara MacKian 49
I think of any words to say because I feel like women shouting in to avoid excess signifies everything that's wrong with this world
Henry Hudson 36
Anon. 11
love you alright
Charan Lumley 21
dear Europe I really hope that we revoke article 50 and then we stay with you I am so embarrassed when I come to Europe and I want you to say England now I think I'm going to tell everyone I'm from India so anyway you're up and hope we stay part of You by
Caroline Lucas 58
Jessica Worsdale 28
Deborah Nash 58
Joshua Rose 29
at the time my Britain is leaving the European Union is the time that Europe need us the most because without Britain Europe is nothing without Europe Britain is nothing together we have a shared common interests which I found this together for the past 40 + years you must remember that in times of need we must depend on each other and show each other acts of kindness and gratitude order to strengthen who we are as people and that is why we should work as closely as possible with Europe and our people and the rest of the world to thank you
James Wood 31
I don't think it's a good idea don't do it
Tina 57
when we voted back in the 1970s to join the EU like now it was uncharted waters personally I don't think we've ever really embrace Union we are one of the few countries that have opted to keep her own currency and not the Euro we do nothing but moan about being dictated to majority have voted to leave now and I just wish we could get on with it and I for one will be happy to never hear the word brexit again
Robin Henderson 28
but what's done is done onwards we go
roberto ruberti 52
I cannot believe I'm a witness of one of the most catastrophic Constitution of disaster clearly aimed to bring the UK back into the Dark Ages I've always support to the UK is a shining example of democracy impact of positive all the countries throughout these past two years I've been observing blanks Japanese art to lack of plans and above all the government inability to admit this brexit thing is founded on a massive bunch of lies and mains lead expectations 2 years of populist political batteries which has transformed this country into an international laughing stock perching on a cliff overlooking a dream turning into the darkest nightmare
Carrie Eves 42
goodbye goodbye wipe the tear baby deer from your I know it's hard to part I know because the doctor go don't cry don't say there's a silver lining in the sky on Suarez thing cheerio ginger Nobu toodaloo goodbye
Lou H 37
I love you up I don't want to leave the EU I love everybody and I hate the fact that so many British people I did have decided that we're gonna try and make it on our own back to the Blue passport era is absolute nonsense you just have should have no orders we should all be happy and just try and get along as Wilkin bins at the end of the day and politics has just popped a sofa that's how I feel about it a big love big love to everyone
Lily Fletcher 27
Gary Fairfull
Johnny Huddart 23
William Thuillier
George Birch
Bella Huddart
Eddy Huddart 17
Emily Crochetiere 28
I just can't
Vivienne Westwood 77
Vivienne Westwood. Brexit is a crime. Along time a go I was once on a jury about the police versus two little rockers walking home late one night who got pulled in because a motorbike had been stolen. And the judge said he wanted a majority of at least 10. He didn’t say 7 out of 12 nor even 6.1. Brexit statistics were 51.9 versus 48.1 percent. On these grounds Theresa May a responsible government would now admit the crime and cancel it…that’s it.
Gillian Maguire 27
Je ne sais pas quoi dire. Je n’ai pas les mots, ni en Français ni en Anglais, pour m’éxprimer. C’est difficile de savoir comment ce sentir pendant une période comme cela, d’incertitude, où nous sommes tous perdus, déçus, confus. Qu’est ce qu’on est supposé à faire maintenant, nous les jeunes, qui veulent vous donner la main, continuer à faire l’amour avec vous, et maintenir cette relation; laquelle mâlheureusement on a jamais apprécié jusqu’à maintenant. La seule chose qu’on puisse faire pour rester ensemble c’est de continuer à partager nos idées, partager la musique, la poésie, la litérature; tout ce qui nous rend humain. S’il vous plait pardonnez nous. Sans question on a toujours été un pays arrogant, mais j’éspère que cette farce sera au moins une leçon d’humilité. Je sais que je n’ai rien dis de profond ou de particulièrement politique, mais je pense que c’est dans ces moments là qu’on dois parler de la part de nos coeurs et non pas de nos cerveaux. Malgré tout cela, pour de raisons inconnues, j’ai encore de l’éspoir. Et c’est a cette éspoir que je vais m’accrocher, comme je veux m’accrocher à vous, toujours.
Katy Ashwell 36
I watch the result from the referendum and I was unwell in disbelief I was absolutely devastated and now I'm watching everything was going on and I just wish it would go away I don't want to leave
Steve 32
hiya I just wanted to say I'm sorry when the referendum came around it didn't believe we get the result we did and I didn't do enough my nan voted to leave because she missed being able to buy New Zealand lamb furthermore to convince her about the real reasons why brexit is such a bad idea about the been one more and if the 17 million people who voted to stay at done that we wouldn't be in this situation right now so I'm really sorry I'm still hopeful stay I miss you I miss you a lot away
Jonathan Frost 47
the real tragedy is that brexit was never really about the EU we live in a sort of profound age of social and economic injustice which has largely been caused by decisions been made in Westminster not in Brussels but brexit was a useful distraction from that fact and I can get on the we'll come to regret
Sharon von Wielligh 53
so it's so long farewell Auf Wiedersehen goodbye
E-Jean Lim 43
hello this is the Y Gene I'm a from Singapore and I live in Bedworth in the UK this is a message for Europe that we are leaving the EU fabulous but we're not leaving Europe and I'm very excited for Britain full of opportunities in this world to head out of the EU into the world is what I say so I'm very happy for you now very happy to leave thank you
Anon. 12
just feeling very very sad
Anon. 13
I feel really sad about brexit I didn't vote for it and I now feel as if I'm trapped on a rollercoaster that's taking me somewhere I don't want to go I've got two young Sons you are fully options would become more limited I've got foreign friends who now feel they're not welcome I don't want that I don't want people to feel unwelcome here when are people in this country going to wake up and realise you aren't that old idea of a great nation anymore we need each other are all basically the same and we better if we work together that's it
hi Europe well today of all days what can I say I'm hanging my head in shame I'm so sorry that this is happened I'm so sorry that our identities here in the UK and been stripped away from us I feel more European than I do British it's just a very very sad day and I hope that it can all be fixed somehow
Jem Finch 49
Jennifer Volk 44
Rachel Boyce 48
hello I'm Rachel calling from Italy I'm just thoroughly disappointed with the level of political debate utter farce, chaos and failure such a shame
Fred Sydney 25
That's all brexit! Buh Bye
Jenny 28
want you to know that I didn't want this I never wanted this I did not vote for this I hate this government and if I could change it I would and I'm not alone there's so many of us that love you and want to stay apart do Union and already sad
what's made up on the coast of Parkway Ramsgate 3PA to get White Cliffs of Dover Folkestone Avenue Whitstable bread that you do it straight away lead you back
let's cancel brexit let's move on we're all so fed up of it let's get on with it and move on and let's get on with business as usual
Wojtek Widuch 17
Anon. 14
UK does not leave the EU that Parliament decision not the People's and that then says that the UK is not a democracy being run by the governors of our country
Hello Europe this is Patsy from Stock I'm really sad we didn't leave today what a mess up it's been I think a bunch of children could have done better thank you
Tinsel Edwards 40
Tristan S-H 20
Dan Nash 21
hi this is a Dan a 21-year old from Belfast and I can't help but have this overwhelming feeling that we're being conned like something is going but we just have no idea who is doing it and all this misinformation in the news is just this too much to keep up with is no chance for any of us to make sense that some I guess for those of us in the future I hope they still there and I hope they are just hoping everything's alright
higher up Jacob from Aberdeen here I just want to say it was really sorry we're really sorry that we leaving your MC2 ring really awful is is awful because I won't be no going backwards in time so we should be I'm going to eat I'm I'm I'm going to be really really sad too you know leave the European Union there's any way that we can stay in then I think for a lot of us it'll be our life's work taking us back into the European Union and joining you all again so I look forward that day but until then nice to see you all the best
Joanne Morley 48
please please please just come together get a second referendum people have changed their minds so much either way and the prime minister and MPs have changed mind millions of times on different things it's so tiresome it's very very stressful our children are asking us for answers they're worried about their future please please please please second referendum
Daniel 49
Peter Cooke 77
betrayed by parliament by my Parliament yet again get us out of Europe
Lydie C 37
time England it's Europe and I just need to say I love you and I will miss you very much do you not sleep
Jane Osbourn 53
I think that the European project has been phenomenal and I'm very sad at the position we are in in the UK I just want to say that we are all Europeans and I really found you compatriot ship comradeship and friendship from all across Europe and that's hope that we can continue to be together
Ann Carrington
Jac Lucas 62
I don't want to say goodbye to you I'm very very sad my mother came from Hungary she did have to hide in a prop box at the age of 15 because she was escaping the Nazis at the time however I am still a British Hungarian russian-english do and I would like to be connected to Europe dear you're up sorry to lose you to the racists bye bye bye
Anon. 15
I'm so happy to be here with you
Hannah 32
Martin Clarke 68
good luck
Sharon Relph 55
Claire Healy 27
M Ruggi
limbo in between breed non-existence Deadlock the lack of movement forwards or backwards and intermediate or transitional state a place of restraint or confinement a Dance by taking turns Crossing under a horizontal bar
Robin Buchholz 30
goodbye but I feel that you are Ireland's are drifting a little further away from the continent goodbye
Gillian Bond 68
hello is such a waste of time effort and money trying to get out of something that's work pretty well for over 40 years so we should just stick with it and good luck to you
finni porter chambers 21
day in the UK

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